CHELSEA 2005/06

home shirt

The 2005/06 home shirt made by Umbro was a special one for Chelsea, since it marked the club’s Centenary.


This is why there is still a big demand for it, and why it is an attractive product replicate for the knockoffs-market.


However, they did not do an excellent job with this one. The Original shirt dark blue, while the knockoffs’ fabric is of a much lighter blue, almost sky-blue.


The inserts are golden in the original one, dull yellow in the fakes. The Chelsea logo printed inside the neck is a full circle on the original shirt while it’s cut short in a sort of a V in the knockoffs.


Unlike the Original, there are no special inserts on the sides of the Fake shirts. Finally, the easiest way to distinguish the original from the fake is to look at the club’s crest: Chelsea’s badge -alongside with the “100 YEARS - CENTENARY” writing- is wholly deformed and out of proportion in the Fakes. Once again, it looks like the biggest struggle for fakers is to reproduce Chelsea’s logo.

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