manchester united 1994/96

home shirt

The 1994/96 Manchester United Home shirt was made by Umbro. One of the first shirts worn by David Beckham with Manchester United, and at the same one of the last worn by Eric Cantona, couldn’t escape the attention of those cheap shirts-makers.


Cantona’s passion for long sleeves shirts made this quite simple: it’s rare to find an Original Manchester United 1994/96 Home shirt with long sleeves, as much as it’s difficult to find a Fake one with shorts sleeves. Besides this curious detail, the differences between the two are pretty easy to spot. The red triangles on the neck show some black marks in the Original one, as they are 100% red on the Fakes. Manchester United’s crest is embossed on the Original shirt, while it is printed on the fabric in the Fakes. Umbro’s logo is slightly larger in the Fakes. On the Original shirt’s fabric, the Old Trafford stadium is much more evident and the SHARP logo is half on the sky and a half on the stadium, while on the Fake shirts the logo appears to be entirely placed on the stadium’s stands.

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