SSC NAPOLI 2018/19

EUROPA shirt

The 2018/19 SSC Napoli Home EUROPA Version shirt is made by Italian brand Kappa.

Despite the white seen in this shirt’s version worn by Ancelotti’s side in Serie A, the Champions League one has got the Kappa logos the accents in fluo yellow.

As it can be clearly seen by the photos, the knockoffs of this shirt are a weird mixture of the Serie A and the Champions League version. The stripes on the shoulders are fluorescent yellow like in the Original one, but the Kappa logos are white. UEFA’s Kit Regulations don’t allow a club to have more than one commercial sponsor on its shirts, that is why the Original shirt only has the Lete sponsor. The Fake one, however, also has the other sponsor used in Serie A by Napoli (Garofalo on the chest and Kimbo on the back). Napoli and Kappa logos are out of scale on the Fake shirt, and the type of fabric is much tighter in the Original one.

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