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If you paid £20 for a new season shirt that usually is sold for about £60-80 in the Club's store, then it's probably Fake.

If the shirt comes to you with free delivery from China/Hong Kong, then it's probably Fake.

If you bought a shirt from people who sell only through text messages (iMessage, Whatsapp, Line and WeChat above all), then it's probably Fake.

If the people who sold you the shirt "work" only through Facebook or Instagram, and they don't have an actual website or store, then it's probably a Fake shirt.

If your seller has to talk to "his supplier" first, who has first to talk to "the factory", chances are you're dealing with resellers of Fake shirts, and the "factory" is located somewhere in China.

If your seller doesn't give you an invoice, chances are he's not authorized to make that sale, aka he's selling a Fake shirt.

If the shirt comes in a plastic bag that has an airtight seal, then it's probably Fake.

If the paper tag attached to the shirt doesn't show a price and the specific name of the item (there's usually written"ADIDAS JSY" instead of "MANCHESTER UNITED HOME" ), that tag might be as Fake as the shirt it belongs to.

If the washing label stitched inside the shirt has a Chinese writing on it, then it's definitely Fake!

"Be sure we're giving you the real deal, guys!"

If the shirt hasn't come out in official stores yet, chances are it's Fake, or the seller comes from the Future...

If the shirt is a Large, and fits you like a Small, that doesn't mean that you got fat; you just bought a Fake shirt.

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