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We are often being asked why it is pretty easy to find a Manchester United knockoff shirt while it is much more complicated -practically impossible- to find, for instance, a Lincoln City Football Club shirt made in China-land.

Well, the answer is quite simple: because Fake shirts cost too.


When a "Chinese Factory" (aka place where copyright and safety rules are nothing more but a goodnight lullaby) decides to start the production of a certain kind of shirt they have to be sure that the shirt will sell. In that way, they can take back the money they invested in the production first, and eventually make a profit out of it.

Manchester United is one of the most famous clubs in the world and their original shirts are some of the top products sold by Adidas every year. On the other hand, with all due respect of course, Lincoln City Football Club cannot count on the same Manchester United's fanbase, either on The Red Devil's big names to print on the back of the shirts.

So "smaller clubs" will never have to worry about losing profit out of the sale of fake shirts, right? Not exactly.

Before the Italian Godfather Claudio Ranieri arrived in Leicester, the Foxes weren't quite popular outside of the UK. Three League Cups, one Community Shield and a pretty weak partnership with Puma weren't enough to catch the Fake-Market's attention at the time.

However, everyone can still clearly remember what happened in the 2015/16. Leicester wrote one of the most beautiful, unexpected and incredible pages in the Premier League's history by shocking the whole world and becoming Champions of England against all odds.

On December 14th 2015, Leicester City defeated the reigning champions, Jose Mourinho's Chelsea, and that was probably the moment when everyone started believing for real in the Foxes' golden dream. Later on that night, many people (not just in the UK) surfed the Internet and went on Leicester's official online shop to purchase a match shirt of the ultimate underdog.

Vardy, Mahrez, Morgan, Kante, Drinkwater (turned into Drinkbeer in many Fake shirts, by the way) and many others were the heroes everyone wanted... But no one could have. Yes, because all of the Original Leicester shirts were sold out.

Puma and not even the club itself could ever expect such a big success and a consequential huge demand, and that is where the knockoffs came in.

Asian producer of Fake shirts were among the many people who believed in Leicester's dream, and for the first time ever they took Leicester City into consideration to realize and resell their pathetic knockoffs.

Huge demand equals huge offer, that is the basic rule in the knockoffs-market.

There is no space for unpopular teams, unless they pull out a Leicester miracle...

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