real madrid 2004/05

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2004/05 wasn’t a remarkable year for Real Madrid, but surely the squad was full of Galacticos. Raul, Ronaldo, Beckham, Roberto Carlos, Zidane, and many others are the main reason why this shirt is still a hit, and the knockoffs-Market wants a piece of it. The collar’s form is quite different between Fakes and Original: in the Original one, the neck has more the shape of a V and the two “hollow” parts are wider than tall. On the contrary, in the Fake shirts, the neck has the form of a U, and the hollow inserts are slimmer but more extended. The Adidas logo is thicker on the Fake ones than the original, while the Real Madrid’s crest is slightly deformed on the fake ones and its originally purple band is actually dark blue in the Fakes. The red M of the commercial sponsor is written with the Bold font on the Fake shirts, while it’s smaller and thinner in the Original ones. There is no “climacool” stamp on the fake shirts. Finally, one of the most significant differences is the size neck tag: whoever designed the Fake shirt, forgot to update the label as they put on a 2004/05 shirt the tag used by Adidas on the previous years' models. The size tag used in this Original shirt, indeed, was written in grey and (unlike the one put in the Fake shirts) didn’t have any color or flag.

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